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BRIWAT بريوات

weight (Ib)
Almond cookies Briwat are succulent baked goods that count among the most popular tea party cookies in Morocco. In the shape of a triangle, this Moroccan pastry delight is stuffed with almonds and wrapped in a crispy pastilla leaf. The stuffing is made of raw almonds peeled, roasted and chopped, and melted with Arabic gum.
Can be accompanied by a warm mint tea, its cinnamon flavor and its fragrance with orange blossom extract makes it a fabulous flavored honey gift for a loved person. Pastry for all great occasions the homemade sweets Briwat are the perfect honey favors.

Depending on how big we bake them per batch, you get :

- 12 to 15 Almond cookies Briwat for 0,5 lbs 
- 25 to 30 Almond cookies Briwat for 1 lbs 
- 50 to 60 Almond cookies Briwat for 2 lbs 

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