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Fekkas الفقاس


Fakkas is a famous twice-baked Moroccan cookie very much like biscotti. In Morocco, we find them in different shapes and sizes and with different additions. This recipe is for a classic version called "Fekkas Msseoues" with almonds and raisins.

The term "Msseoues" refers to the small holes or spots that show up in the cookie around the seeds, almonds, and raisins. Sometimes those ingredients fall out and leave bigger holes.

In Fez, it’s tradition to serve broken bits of Fekkas or small Fekkas (about 0.4″/1 cm large) in a cup or bowl of milk as a breakfast for children. This used to be my bowl of “cereal” when I was little

- 15 Fakkas in 0.5 lbs 
- 30 Fakkas cookies in 1 lbs 
- 60 Fakkas cookies in 2 lbs 

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