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Moroccan Baklava بقلاوة مغربية


BAKLAWA Or BAKLAVA: A delicious oriental pastry that I present to you with a coffee Or Tea, it is the recipe of baklawa with almonds to change nuts.

The dough is prepared at home for a very crispy result. Almonds are not coarsely ground, to appreciate them well at the tasting. all soaked in honey-scented with orange blossom water.

- 10to 15 Almond cookies Briwat for 0,5 lbs 🎁
- 20to 30 Almond cookies Briwat for 1 lbs 🎁
- 50 to 60 Almond cookies Briwat for 2 lbs 🎁

BELKABIR SWEETS since 1942 uses No Chemicals or preservatives only organic products %100 handmade, we ask for 2days to complete your order.

BAKLAWA stays fresh and tasty, especially if stored correctly away from humidity.

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